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Step-by-Step guide to creating player’s profile and completing tests



  • Click the registration link and sign up

  • Follow the instructions sent to your email to install the JuniStat app and set up your web dashboard

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Subscription payment

  • Make the subscription payment through the web dashboard to access tests within the app

  • Once completed, scouts can monitor the player’s profile and test results.


Profile Enhancement

  • Enhance your profile by uploading videos and providing a detailed bio.

  • This information will help us make a more informed decision regarding your trial

Players’ profiles eхamples

We are actively reviewing players who have registered and excelled in JuniStat tests

Please complete the following 8 tests in the App and showcase your talent!

Once all the tests are completed, our recruitment team will review your profile and contact you with their feedback

Required tests

Test icon

High jump

Test icon

Push ups

Test icon

15m sprint from run up

Test icon


Test icon

15m sprint

Test icon


Test icon

Arrow with the ball. RF

Test icon

Arrow with the ball. LF

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